“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise”


Clinical Psychologist

Louise’s theoretical orientation is psychoanalytical. This approach is aimed at an in-depth understanding of the conscious and unconscious aspects of functioning.

Psychologist Durbanville - Louise Malan - Clinical Psychologist

About Louise Malan

Louise Malan has been practising as a Clinical Psychologist for 24 years (since 1994).

Her areas of specialisation are adult and adolescent psychotherapy, marital/relationship problems and early childhood development.

She works psychoanalytically.  She coordinated the Port Elizabeth Psychoanalytic Reading Group and wrote a blog for the PE Express. Louise is often asked to present public talks on various psychological matters.

Services and Specialisation


Adult and adolescent psychotherapy


Marital and Relationship therapy


Psychoanalytic psychotherapy


Mothering and mother-infant bonding


Early childhood emotional development


Parenting issues

louisepsych@icloud.com    073 390 3010



Women who seduce and then reject men.

Women are often seen to be more dependent and invested in long term committed relationships than men, yet there are also women who repeatedly seduce men and then reject them.  Some  men are happy with this seduction and the short term nature of the encounter, but many...

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Why does falling in love go wrong?

How does it happen that two people who fall in love and who may even decide to get married end up hating one another or feeling very disappointed in the other?  How does it happen that so many marriages end in divorce?  Is it just that people make the wrong choices or...

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Why do some people feel inferior and others arrogant?

All humans being have at times felt arrogant (superior to others) and know how it feels to doubt yourself (feeling inferior).  We all start life with a split – meaning that there is no integration in our concept of ourselves and our concept of others.  During this...

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We don’t get wounded alone and we don’t heal alone
Carl Jung